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Provider for Division of Children and Family Services

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide excellence in care and services while assisting in the development and enhancement of the quality of life for adults and children with emotional, psychological, social, and/ or physical challenges. All components of care involve providing an inclusive, safe, nurturing, and productive living and learning environment for all participants. We also offer a variety of programs and services designed to reduce gaps in service for individuals and families by collaborating our resources and tools within our agency to ensure that each client receives the  highest level of care .

About Us

After many years of Licensed Social Work and nine years of Substance Abuse Counseling, KES, INC. was formed as a family-owned, personal care business. KES, INC. focuses on providing quality residential, Day Habilitation, and community support services for children, senior citizens, and persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities.



"KES Inc. is awesome ! I love what they stand for .  A quality of life for the individuals they serve. I know first hand that they make a difference in these individuals lives".

Angel Williams


"KES is a family owned business with a hard working team of employees. Where no company is 100% perfect. I can say perfection is the goal. The concern that they have for their Individuals, many of which have been a part of KES programs since their teen years is top in their purpose. "

Cheryl Allen

-HR Manager

Ready To  Schedule ?

Please fill out our referral form and return to us completed . Once we receive the referral form we will be in touch to proceed with coordinating requested services. Please allow at least 24-48 hrs for response. 

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