“Community  Integration  and  Activities  for  All”
Communication classes, music, recreation, and volunteer projects will enable Consumers to gain
various skills that will assist them in achieving their personal goals, obtaining jobs, and enjoying life's
many treasures.  Daily activities are our keys to stimulate our Consumers physically, spiritually,
mentally, and socially.

KES DAY, Inc's warm and caring atmosphere affords caregivers relief by providing a safe and
enjoyable haven for their loved ones.  This eliminates the dependency on the costly institutionalized care
and increases the quality of life for all participants.

KES has been providing quality care to the Developmentally Disabled since 1996.

KES, Inc. is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Services
Our mission is to provide excellence in care and services while assisting in the development and
enhancement of the quality of life for adults and children with emotional, psychological, social, and/or
physical challenges.  All components of care involve providing a safe, nurturing, and productive learning
environment for Consumers with Special Needs.
Serving Children and Adults with Disabilities
About Us
Our Mission
KES is a registered service provider to the Developmentally Disabled.
After fifteen years of Licensed Social Work and nine years of Substance Abuse Counseling, and a
passion to serve the disabled, Kenneth and Sandra Browner, founded KES, Inc.
KES, Inc., focuses on providing quality residential, day habilitation, and community support services
for children, senior citizens and persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

Community integration is a way of life among the homes in our caring neighborhood setting.  Our
Utilizing the senses-sounds sights, smells, and taste-our program will excite learning and pleasure in
severely disabled Consumers.
KES, Inc. goals and services are based on their foundational principles:

1. The belief in the innate worth of the ill aged and/or physically challenged persons.

2. That each person is entitled to maximize his or her potential as a human being and as a member of         
society, regardless of age, sex, race, religion or physical-challenged.

3. Each person is entitled to certain unalienable rights, including the right to be respected, to be               
informed, to participate in or refuse care, to have information treated confidentially and to have                
property treated with respect.

KES, Inc.,  philosophy and mission are consistent with the standards of practice and service
outlined by the State of Georgia.
Our Philosophy